Clinical librarianship challenges in Iran

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Mohammadreza Hashemian
Firoozeh Zare-Farashbandi
Alireza Rahimi
Peyman Adibi
Nikoo Yamani


This study aims to identify and categorize the challenges of clinical librarianship in Iran. First, based on literature review and opinions of participants, the main challenges were identified and categorized. Then, a questionnaire based on this categorization was distributed among the participants for ranking. According to the results, the four main challenges include educational, cultural, executive and research challenges. These challenges lead to lack of consistency and limited success of clinical librarianship efforts. In order to perform a more generalized identification of these challenges and problems, it is necessary to conduct further studies at national and international levels.

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Hashemian M, Zare-Farashbandi F, Rahimi A, Adibi P, Yamani N. Clinical librarianship challenges in Iran. J Eur Assoc Health Info Libr [Internet]. 2018 Jun. 21 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];14(2):23-6. Available from:
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