EAHIL Council - the new millennium


  • Liisa Salmi


The new millennium for EAHIL begins with important changes in the statutes and the biggest medical librarianship congress ever. The work for the new statutes has been going on for some time now, and they will be presented to the members at the General Assembly in London in July. The EAHIL sessions and meetings will be held as separate events of their own at the 8th International Congress on Medical Librarianship. This is a good opportunity for every member to be active in the process of accepting and/or modifying the proposal for new statutes. As we all remember, the move from Brussels to Amsterdam caused a revision of the legal aspects in the statutes, and the statutes themselves required a review. This happens in every association over the course of time, and this work is never easy. A considerable period of time has been used by the revisers to achieve good results. The year 2000 is also a year of elections for our association, and the voting papers will be sent to members in due time.