Editorial nr 51, 2000

  • Sally Wood-Lamont


This issue features Focus on Austria as its central theme and I am sure you will agree thatthe two articles give valuable material not only on medical libraries but also on medicalinformation sources in Austria. I thought it might be appropriate to let you know whatother countries we are planning to focus on in 2000 and 2001. Maybe with advance notice,many of you might consider contributing an article about your country to the EAHILnewsletter. As has been said in many former issues, this newsletter attempts to centralisenews of all European medical libraries and its associations and moreover European medicalinformation into one forum and as such relies totally on its members to provide this.Everyone is so busy nowadays that many of our members cannot find the time to sit downand write, perhaps also thinking that what is happening in their country is not so importantas others. In my short time as Chief Editor, however, I have learnt a great deal about otherEuropean medical libraries just by reading these articles and even more so I have beenable to establish links in these countries by having this brief contact with the authors. Inaddition with Constantin’s article I have been able to make an excellent list of informationsources on Austria which I have handed over to our library’s reference department.