Delphi technique: the methods behind the Horizon Report

  • Rudolf Mumenthaler HTW Chur, Schweizerisches Institut für Informationswissenschaft, Pulvermühlestr. 57, CH-7004 Chur, Switzerland. Tel. +41 (0)812863719.
  • Guus van den Brekel Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands


At the EAHIL Workshop in Edinburgh Guus van den Brekel and Rudolf Mumenthaler have presented the Delphi method, which is used for the Horizon Report ( The workshop session was titled Delphi technique: The methods behind the Horizon Report Library Edition and was held on Thursday the 11th of June. The authors of this report, as session leaders, ran through a smaller version of a Delphi process, although they actually had little time, the result was nevertheless very interesting.
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