Usability testing of our library’s new website

  • Sabine Klein
  • Andreas Bigger
  • Nenad Milosevic
  • Nadine Seekirchner
  • Christine Verhoustraeten
  • Adrian Funk


Since the University of Zurich required all departments to use the same content management system, a makeoverof our Main Library’s website was planned for 2017. Following Steve Krug’s book Don’t make me think, revisited,we reduced the contents and tried to build an easy to understand and straightforward navigation for the users. Toverify our concept, we arranged “do-it-yourself” usability tests. Three test sessions with three persons each weresufficient to find out what had to be improved on the website, and were more helpful than hours of discussionamong the team. Usability testing helped us to understand our customers' search behaviour and expectations fornavigation. It was also entertaining and a novel way of interacting with our customers.
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Klein S, Bigger A, Milosevic N, Seekirchner N, Verhoustraeten C, Funk A. Usability testing of our library’s new website. JEAHIL [Internet]. 3Oct.2018 [cited 26May2019];14(3):13-5. Available from:
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