Medical bookplate collection in Lithuanian Library of Medicine

  • Regina Vaišviliené
  • Viktorija Daniliauskaité


This paper is a short history of the medical bookplate collection in the Lithuanian Library of Medicine (LLM). The first LLM’s exhibition of bookplate on medical theme was held in 1994. It was an international exhibition-competition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Library. 39 authors from 16 countries participated, exhibition catalogue “Lithuanian Medicine” was issued. Ten years later the second exhibition was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the LLM. In November 2014 the third medical bookplate exhibition was opened and an exhibition catalogue “Lithuanian Medicine. 2014” was issued. LLM now has a nice medical bookplate collection, which contains approximately 600 pieces. Collection includes works from more than 100 Lithuanian and 16 foreign authors. The article aim is to introduce the collection and encourage others to share their experience of collection-forming.
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