Memories from the Rome Conference

  • Muharrem Yilmaz Medical Library at Oslo University Ullevål Hospital


I was delighted to attend to 14th European Association Health Information Libraries Conference in Rome. It was a great opportunity for exposure to current best practices in the field of medical libraries and librarianship. Three days of the conference were launched with a keynote speech entitled “The open paradigm and the knowledge society recomposing the fragmentation: The role of the librarians” which was delivered by Maria Cassella. The speech emphasized the transformation of information, importance of digitization and “openness”.From the beginning to the end I have witnessed significant content and contributions to the conference by both participants and presenters. During the conference I acquired knowledge which will help to enrich my professional development as a medical librarian. The flow of the conference from general topics to each specific initiative, from challenging projects to hands on experiences allowed me to gain a considerable overview of healthand medical libraries. From attending the conference I gained deeper understanding of my profession and I feel more confident and comfortable in day to day duties.The conference also afforded me an opportunity to network with valuable medical library professionals and practitioners. EAHIL has created a platform for me to observe and update myself on the on-going projects in different medical libraries around Europe!I am looking forward to attending to future EAHIL conferences and workshops.
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